Project Access

Vision Statement
That all McLennan Country residents have a medical home and access to a continuum of care, which includes specialty, pharmacy, laboratory, ancillary, and hospital care.

Mission Statement
To expand health care access and improve health outcome for low-income, uninsured residents of McLennan Country, utilizing the charitable gifts of the network of existing voluntary providers and collaborative partnerships.

Target Population

  1. Individuals residing in McLennan Country
  2. Uninsured
  3. Income at below 200% of Federal Poverty Line (FPL)
  4. Working poor, or the alleviation of a health condition would allow them to work (i.e. vocational impediment)

Project Access Provides the following services:

  • Donated Medical Services (Project Access McLennan County)
    • Establish medical homes/primary care physician (PCP) for each patient
    • Physician Specialists visits/access
    • Hospital access for operations and procedures
    • Ancillary services: anesthesia, laboratory, pathology, and radiology services

Care Coordination (Project Access McLennan County Partners)

  • Case management
  • Navigation services for accessing public benefits
  • Transportation
  • Translation
  • Financial education
  • Pharmacy benefits enrollment

Note: Conditions that cannot be addressed include chemotherapy and cancer, dialysis, pregnancy, emergency medicine, serious psychiatric issues, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Patient must be a McLennan County resident.
  2. Patient does not have health insurance of any kind and is not currently receiving Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP or VA benefits.
  3. Income must not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline and must be able to provide proof of all income.
  4. Working poor, or the alleviation of a health condition would allow them to work (i.e. vocational impediment)
  5. Initial enrollment is for 6 months. Extension may be granted, pending continued eligibility and continued treatment and/or medication needs. It is the patient’s responsibility to request an extension by calling their medical home clinic.
  6. Services provided:
    1. Medical homes, i.e. primary care physician (PCP) for each patient enrolled
    2. Physicians visits, including specialists and mental health providers
    3. Laboratory services
    4. Ancillary services
    5. Imaging services
    6. Limited pharmacy benefits
    7. Access to social services as needed
  7. Services not provided:
    1. Chemotherapy and Cancer treatment Dialysis
    2. Emergency medicine
    3. HIV/AIDS treatment
    4. Obstetrics
    5. Serious psychiatric issues
    6. Substance abuse
    7. HIV/AIDS